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XV Series Matches

Games in the XVSERIES will be played by select teams from rugby clubs, regional pathway programs and member organizations of the XVSERIES, working together with their local regional youth programs, colleges and regional clubs to identify and develop USA eligible players.

Nov 6
5:00 pm
Starfire Stadium, Tukwila WA
Army Air Corps
Seattle Rugby Club
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About XV Series

What is it?

XVSERIES™ is a USA based non-profit program whose goal is to develop and support amateur American rugby athletes, referees and support staff whilst providing a recognizable pathway of development, enabling progression to professional, elite league or national representation.

Pathway & Progression

XVSERIES seeks to provide a first opportunity to identify those players with the greatest potential, to enter the pathway towards the professional game and the USA Eagles.

Opportunity & Development

XVSERIES is a pathway program that interacts with regional rugby programs, providing opportunity without the limiting performance factors of playing for league position and supports the identification of players entering the professional game.

Do You Want To Become a Member?

Membership includes a series of competitive matches to help realize true potential.

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Help Support the XV Series Program

XV Series is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Mission?

Our goal is to build out a series of competitive matches under the XVSERIES program which will help develop players, coaches, referees, medical and management to succeed at the next level.

Who should become a member of the XV SERIES

We want to work with like minded people/organizations/clubs/universities who want to:

  • Develop US players, coaches, referees and support staff.
  • Support the national program.
  • Create ongoing opportunities through rugby.
  • Build skills for everyday life.
Do we have to commit to a set number of games?

No, some of the benefits of the XV SERIES are:

  • Member teams don’t have to commit to a full season of XV SERIES games that they can‘t afford.
  • Games will be played at locations where it makes most sense for the teams involved.
Is this another US rugby league?

No, the mission and focus of this nonprofit program is on people development, not a cup or winning a league:

  • The XVSERIES isn’t in competition with clubs or pro rugby. It is here to complement both and develop all those involved with rugby.
  • Players can CIPP with their home clubs and still play in these developmental games and thus increase their rugby knowledge and skills, which in turn benefits the local teams.

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